In 2006 the Club lost one of its founding members, Tom Fitzpatrick, at a relatively young age after a tough struggle with Leukaemia. He will be sadly missed by his family,the Club which he helped establish, & the Community in general. "Go nDeana Dia Trocaire ar a Anam Dilis."

 "The Tom Fitzpatrick Memorial Road Race" 2015 will be run over 10 Kilometres on Friday 21st.August @ 7.00 pm.

FIT 4 LIFE. Contact 022-48302.

Welcome to Liscarroll Athletic Club  52.26 deg. North & 8.80 deg.West

                                                                                          "Nothing is impossible to those who are prepared to try"

Liscarroll Athletic Club was founded in 1990 in the village of Liscarroll, which is situated in North West of County Cork. It always had & continues to have the support of the people in the locality with its members coming from Liscarroll and the surrounding parishes of Kilbrin, Ballyclough, Lisgriffin, Churchtown, Ballyhea, Milford, Dromina, Baltydaniel, Lombardstown, Mallow & further afield..

The attraction of Liscarroll Athletic Club to many is its wide range of equipment at hand which allows everyone to try all of the following, with coaches to show them how:

RunningSprints, Middle  & Long Distance at Track & Field, Cross-Country, Road  Running

Jumping - Long, High and Triple Jumps, Pole Vault

ThrowsShot Putt, Discus, Javelin, Hammer for the older members and TurboJav for younger members

The Club caters for all individuals who wish to join - Juveniles from Under 7 up to Under19 , along with  Juniors, Seniors, & Masters, as well as non competitors.

Currently there are approximately 105 members registered with the club, made up of 20 Adults & 85 Children.

To Join the Club an Application for Membership Form can be obtained by contacting any Club member, by turning up at any of our training sessions,

or EMail